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I rarely complain which I admit is a fault of mine and I usually take a loss and figure it is what it is. But this really has me very upset.

I am in the right and Ciocca Subaru is wrong, PERIOD. I feel they should pay me what I had to spend to repair my car.

Original review posted by user Aug 03

I was sold a used car 7 months ago. I take the car in for inspection ,my machanic tells me all four breaks are shot so bad there eating into the rotors.

So I have the car repaired, take pictures of the rotors and bring these paper this break pads over to Ciocca Subaru.

I talk to the salesman who sold me the car, who then gets his sales manager (Tom O'Donnell). Just by the look on his face I knew I was going to be talking to a wall.

I explained to him what went down and then he starts in with his managerial speak about how the break were in good shape when they sold the car to me.

Now in his defense I did put 20k miles on the car but, they were all highway miles, plus even the cheapest brakes you but should get you 30 k miles.

This guy tells me NO you are not getting a dime and there is nothing he can do. I start to get upset and tell him to look how bad these breaks are ( I brought them with me).

Again this guy Tom Donnell sales manager at Ciocca Subaru ( Allentown) tells me, now I am not embellishing and I quote " your beat, next time but a new car". I had to leave at that very moment or I would be in jail today.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ciocca Subaru Pros: Third subaru owned, I think they try there best, First time we are contacting the, Liked car until expensive repairs.

Ciocca Subaru Cons: Once the deal is done, So are you, Some dealerships are better then others.

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